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At, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and outstanding value in jewelry while respecting and protecting the privacy of our customers. To better serve you, we may collect and maintain certain information regarding, for example, your product and service preferences, dates of special occasions related to people you buy gifts for (e.g., birthdays), and billing and shipping information.

Under no circumstances do we sell or rent this information to other businesses, and we strictly protect and enforce the confidentiality of this information. We respect your privacy and seek to protect the trust you place in Kevin K. Designs.

Online credit card purchases and has contracted with CCNOW in order to process credit card orders from Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover . With CCNOW as our authorized online retailer, we can offer secure online ordering, the convenience of a shopping cart ordering system, and safe credit card ordering. The only difference to you is that your credit card is billed as "CCNOW" instead of


CCNOW's shopping-cart software runs in Secure Mode on your browser, using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt sensitive data such as credit card numbers. While selecting products and adding them to the Shopping Cart, you are in Non-Secure Mode. After you press the Checkout button, you will be switched to Secure Mode in order to collect the billing and shipping information. You can choose to checkout using Non-Secure Mode if your browser does not support SSL (Yours should - all modern browsers support the SSL standard).


Guarantee and Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped as soon  as possible. Because all my jewelry is Hand Made, it sometimes will take longer than a week. You will be notified if it takes longer than 3 weeks.

If you have any questionsEmail or call me at 919 341-4704.

Ordering Instructions

Ordering online with a credit card is easy. Simply browse the gallery by clicking on the links until you find a product that you like. Then click on "Price and stock number" . You will then be taken to the "shopping cart" screen.  Be sure to enter all applicable information and follow the on screen directions. You will then have the option of continuing to shop or checking out.


(Not responsible for incorrectly ordered bracelet sizes)

Send Checks can be paid through PayPal call or email for more information.

Email or call me at 919 341-4704 if you need further assistance.







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