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Kevin Kirkendoll was born in a small community near Maggie Valley, North Carolina. As a child, he always had a creative spirit. Many evenings Kevin watched his parents design and produce jewelry. Their enthusiasm instilled an early aspiration for craftsmanship. Kevin's dad played an important role in developing his childhood inspiration, but unfortunately he passed away before Kevin could master his dad's skills. Soon after, Kevin developed more interest in the art of jewelry, tying him closer to his family's roots. Searching for a unique method, he began working with an ancient technique mentioned in the Bible called "Filigree". This craft is created using fine wire of gold, silver, or copper applied to gold and silver surfaces or intricately wrapped together.

After 55 years of Jewelry making by his family, Kevin K. has created his own designs and style. Over time, he has developed beautiful and unique pieces for you and your family to enjoy. Please visit his online Gallery and discover something special for you to enjoy for generations to come!






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